Hello everyone.

I am back, and this time, I really am here.  I made a huge mistake this past couple months…  I got so caught up in my business and my career that I let my personal health and well-being take a back seat.  Even after I promised you all that I would be attempting to drop 100lbs in 100 days….  I didn’t do it..

I used work, editing, parties and anything else be excuses…


I am back to tell you this time, it is not the case…

I am Rebooting #100in100, in fact I already started today with the fasting I had to perform before my little vacation over Labor Day.  For the next couple days I will be in Vegas doing a sort of rebooting of my body and soul.

I know you think Vegas is just for partying, but for me its a chance to lay by the pool, do a four day toxins cleanse, have a spa relaxation day and hide away.

I will be posting on Social Media and I will be vlogging and blogging, but don’t expect too much interaction back.  I am trying to limit my time online this weekend.

On a side note I wanted to let everyone know The Chunky Zeta is over on Amazon Prime now, so I have removed it from YouTube so I can go back to vlogging like I used to do back in 2008-2010.  I hope I can get back into a regular routine of that.  Fingers crossed.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend… and if the new #100in100 sticks… I will have a lot to say on December 10, 2017 🙂


Thank you for your support!



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